batchelor tom - "if and only if"


These are the lyrics to an as-of-yet unreleased country song by Tom
Batchelor. Copyright Tom Batchelor. If I were to have a signature
song, I'd want this to be the one. -Tom

If you really want me to go
I won't make it any harder on you.
I do know how to open the door.
Guess I'll find someone new.
You're right, you haven't always had
Everything you needed from me
So if I've used up my last chance
I'll leave, but

If and only if
You want me to stay,
I won't let you go,
I'll never go away.
I'll hold you in my arms.
I'll never do you harm.
I'll live,
If and only if.

I used to live on my own
Yeah I've seen the other side of our fence.
I do know how to sleep all alone
Or close my eyes so tight and dance.
But since I've been here with you
I've seen that life can be so much more.
Still if I have to walk out the door
'Least I know what's in store, but


How was your life back then?
I guess I really never asked.
Do we have to return
Or do we take another chance?
I'll walk out the door and say goodbye
Unless you'll give it one more try
At forever?
A life together?
I love you more than ever.

If ... and only if
You want me to stay
I won't let you go,
I'll never go away.
The world's a cold, cold place
But just to see your face
My whole life I'd give
If ... and only if.