batchelor tom - "i love you"


These are the lyrics to an as-of-yet unreleased country song. Copyright
Tom Batchelor.

I like the way you walk so in step with me
'N I like the voice you use to say pretty please
And how I try to read the paper
'Fore you get out of bed
But by page two you're reading with me
And caressing my head.
I like the feel of your kiss on my cheek
'N how you take my attention off the TV
And how you stop at every flow'r shop
In each town we go through
And I can never stop myself
From buyin' a dozen for you.

And I love you.
I love you.

I always thought I'd always be all alone.
Mind full of wishes and a heart of stone.
Then I met you and then I knew
How I would live out my years:
With you through good times an through bad
Without a question or fear.
Now that I'm with you I know I'll never see
Without you here what life could possibly be,
But I know I don't have to worry,
You'll be here all you're life,
That's why I put my faith in you,
That's why I call you my wife.

And I love you.
I love you.
And I love you.
I love yo-ooo-ou.