batchelor tom - "i dont have to wonder"


These are the lyrics to a rewrite of Garth Brooks's 'I Don't Have To
Wonder'. These words written by Tom Batchelor.

Drove to the church
In my suit and tie.
Trying hard to contain myself
I went inside.
I just couldn't help it
But to think back to that day
When her three simple little words of love
Made my life forever change.
I had just imagined
What a life with her would be:
Someone stronger than this cruel world
Always standing close to me.

But in less time than it takes a tear to fall
I proposed that question on her
And she didn't walk out the door,
And I don't have to wonder anymore.

Waitin' and a wonderin',
Listenin' to His words
As that preacher stood before us
Bondin' my old heart to hers.
And I still don't know
Even half of what he said
But I heard him ask me if I'd take her
And thunder crashed right through my head.
A chill rolled down my whole body
And a silence filled the room.
I took one last deep breath,
Clenched my teeth, and I said I do!

And in less time than it takes a tear to fall
Oh my arms swung out around her.
Lord they never will let go.
No and I don't have to wonder anymore!

Oh the angels sang like thunder
As that diamond sparkled on her
And now, I don't have to wonder ... anymore.