minor shane - "i think youre beautiful"


I Think You're Beautiful
Mercury Records, 1999
(Steve Diamond, Maribeth Derry)

I meant to tell you yesterday
How the sun looked in your hair
And how the light danced in your eyes
As you were standing there
I searched my soul for clever ways to say the words
And though I'm not a poet
There's something you should know

I think you're beautiful
I think you're wonderful
And just looking at you takes my breath away
I think you're magical
And when I'm with you girl
If my heart could speak then you would here it say
I think you're beautiful- so beautiful

I placed a solitary rose
On your pillow while you sleep
Will you touch it to your lips
Every time you think of me
I try to show you with these little things I do
That one thing never changes
When it comes to you

Repeat Chorus

Forgive me baby if I stop and stare
But your kind of beauty is so fine and rare
Just let me say what's on my mind
Baby let me tell you one more time

Repeat Chorus

David Huff- Drums
Mike Brignardello- Bass
Biff Watson- Acoustic Guitar
Dan Huff, Gordon Kennedy- Electric Guitar
Steve Nathan- Piano & Keyboards
Paul Franklin- Steel Guitar
Aubrey Haynie- Fiddle
Terry McMillan- Percussion
Gene Miller- Background Vocals