messina jo dee - "bye bye"


Bye Bye
In the style of JoDee Messina

Capo 3

(intro G/D/C/D)-- REPEAT
Last time hold C then stop and then go to the Em

Em boy you C shure look good there, G standing in the D sunset light
Em Maybe I C read you wrong, thinking G you could be my D mister right
C I was D puttin' my G heart and D soul on the C line
Said you D needed some G time, just a D little more C time
to make D up your G mind well D it's been A long enough the D time is up


Bye G Bye D Love C I'll catch you D later got a G led foot D down on C
accel D erator
and the G rear-view D mirror torn C off I aint D ever looking G back
and D
thats a fact C D
I've G tried D all C I can D imagine I G begged and D pleaded in C true
lovers D fashion
G I've got a D pride and C I'm taking it D for a ride G bye D bye C bye
my D baby G bye by D e
G D C' C'

same chords as first verse

Don't thing all those tears are gonna hold me here like they done before
Find what's left of us in a cloud of dust on highway four
Baby what did you expect me to do
just sit around and wait on you
well I'm through watching you just skate around the truth
and I know it sounds trite
I've seen the light


Bridge: C I lost the game I guess I Em did my best to win the D part
now I'm leavin here with wats left my G heart

( go in to the chords of chorus as soon as you come out of this bridge)


Bye bye oohooh my baby BYE BYE

BY :
Melanie Lee
15 years old have been playing since I was 10
Singing since I was 6
Hope you enjoy!!!!! :)