Moe Bandy - "Honky Tonk Merry Go 'Round"

Honky Tonk Merry Go Round

(E)She stood there, with tears in,(A) her beautiful eyes
(B)Said the closest, she'd be, was (E)around
And now she was leaving
(A)Cause she couldn't fight
(B)My honky tonk merry go (E)round

(E)If it was a woman
(A)She'd know what to do
(B)But she couldn't take the end put (E)down
My bottles, and bar rooms, (A)night after night
(B)Of my honky tonk merry go (E)round

Cause my (A)pay checks still buys tickets
That (E)come in flip top cans
(F#)My silver dimes, still strike up, (B)that old juke box band
(A)Where once rode a king, now (E)sad lonely (Db)clown
Is (F#m)riding a (B)honky tonk merry go (E)round

(E)So she left me and I though, well (A)maybe thats good
(B)I want feel so guilty, to (E)night
But some how, some where, (A)something went wrong
(B)With my complete honky tonk (E)life


(F#m)Is ridding a (B)honky tonk merry go (E)round