Gene Autry - "The Gangster's Warning"


......Gene Autry....
(C) I was brought (G7) up by kind (C) parents,
I once was their pride and (G7) joy;
I (F) started to drinking and (G7) gambling,
Wild life got the best of their (C) boy;
Some pals took me (G7) out on a (C) robbery,
I thought just once (C7) would be (F) fun;
But one crime led to a-(C)-nother,
Till it (G7) led to the use of a (C) gun.

In my pocket I carry (G7) a pist-(C)-ol,
It's never away from my (G7) side;
The (F) notches that's carved in it's (G7) handle,
Tells how more than one man has (C) died;
I'm leading a trail (G7) that is (C) crooked,
My foes lurk (C7) round every (F) bend;
I know someday they will get (C) me,
I (G7) dread to think of the (C) end.

It seems there's no hope for a gangster,
Not a moment of peace to be found;
Wherever I go I am hunted,
Like a fox that is chased by a hound;
It's true I would like to be honest,
But I know it's too late to begin;
For when you join up with the gangsters
It's a game you must play to the end.

I wish I had listened to mother,
She said there'd be days like this;
I lost my true friends and sweetheart,
No more will I know love and bliss;
So young men stay away from bad company,
That's how I started in wrong;
And if ever your pals try to tempt you,
Remember the words of this song.