Gene Autry - "back in the saddle again"

written by Gene Autry
copyright 1940
(renewed 1967)1971 Western Music Publishing

I copied the words from a song book at the library

Back In The Saddle Again

Back in the saddle again,
Out where a friend is a friend,
Where the longhorn cattle feed on the lowly jimson weed;
Iâm back in the saddle again,

Ridinâ the range once more,
Totinâ my old forty four.
Where you sleep out evâry night, where the only law is right;
Iâm back in the saddle again.

Whoopee-ti-yi-yo, Rock-inâ to and fro,
Back in the saddle again.
Whoopee-ti-yi-yay, I go my way,
Back in the saddle again..