Alison Krauss - "Song for the Life"


Alison Krauss - Song for the Life
written by Rodney Crowell

This song has been done by several different people, including The
Seldom Scene, and Alan Jackson. But this is the version I have
heard most.

There is some arpeggiation during the intro, but I will leave that
to you to figure out.

[Intro] D A Bm D7 G A7 D A (same as verse)

[Verse 1]

D A Bm D7
I don't drink as much as I used to
G A7 D A (walk up A-B-C#)
Lately, it just ain't my style
D A Bm D7
And hard times don't last like they used to
G A7 D
They pass quicker, like when I was a child.


G A7 D
Somehow I've learned how to listen
G A7 Bm D7
To a sound like the sun going down
G A7 D G
And the magic the morning is bringing home
D A Bm D7
a song for a life I have found
G A7 D
It keeps my feet on the ground

[Solo]--Play verse again

[second verse]

The midsummer days sit so heavy
but don't they blow like a breeze through your mind
when nothing appears in a hurry
to make up for someone's lost time

[repeat chorus]

(*A note on the chorus---the version by The Seldom Scene has a
somewhat different last chorus. This may be the original words,
and were changed for soon to be obvious reasons(Alison being a woman
and all) It only affects the last two lines:

A song for a girl I have found
She keeps my feet on the ground

Also, Alan Jackson uses friend instead of girl I believe, although
I'm not sure if he says he or she on the next line.

So use whichever version you like best, or best suits your gender*)

Please email with any suggestions or comments.

Bruce A. Deboard
Physics and Astronomy
University of Kentucky