Asylum Street Spankers - "Pussycat Song"


The Assylum Street Spankers
The Pussycat Song

My Pussycat scratching at my back door
He scratched so hard,poor pussy got sore,
Sore Pussy...sore...pussy,just a friendly little cat

My pussycat was sitting on my front step
It started to rain and my pussy got wet
Wet Pussy...sore...wet...pussy,just a friendly little cat
My Pussycat was playing out in the back lot
Played so hard,poor pussy got hot
Hot,just a friendly little cat
I left my whiskey bottle out last night
My pussycat drank it and got real tight
Tight,just a friendly little cat
My Pussycat was rockin in the rockin chair
He rocked so hard, he lost his hair
Bald,just a friendly little cat
My neighbors stole my kitty away from me
I told my neighbors to set my pussy free
Free,just a friendly little cat