Mary Asquith - "Closing Time"


'Closing Time'
Written by Mary Asquith, and recorded on the cd
'Closing Time'
Mother Earth Music.

Capo on third fret and play these chords.

Verse one.
C Em
When they lift the lid on the delta kid
They find there's nothing there
C Em
But old bleached bones, some stepping-stones
And a heart that doesn't really care,
False promises and secrets
C (Bbass) F
and no one wants to know

C (B bass) F C (B bass) F
So now I........... find that it's closing ......time
C (B bass) F Em C
I do believe that's the sign for me to go

Verse two.
Well the chances that the kid once had
Are long gone down the drain
And lovers were lost in a sentimental
softening of the brain
Oh the tears are like a torrent
But it's all part of the show.


Verse three.
Oh the times were bad and the friends you had
Immortalised in song
But you never really knew them
and you stayed away too long
It seems you're only guessing
And that you don't really know


Verse four.
Oh your words are cold, them make me old
The fingering they blur
About the way things never are
And the way that they never were
We pay till we are paupers
and we reel with every blow.


Verse five.
So when you're throwing your money round
Don't but a drink for me
You treat me like a stranger now
and that's what I must be
And I would not have you spend so much
On one that you don't know.

Chorus and repeat to finish.