asleep at the wheel - "route 66"

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Route 66 is by Bobby Troup. Covered by the Stones and 1,000 others. I played
this song 4 nights a week for years. It was REQUIRED at any gig in the 60's.

[a] well if you ever [d]plan to motor [a]west;
[a] best take [d] my way, that's the hiway thats the [a] best
[a] get your [e7]kicks, on[d]route 66[a]

[a]it winds, from Chi [d] cago to L.A.[a] almost [d] two thousand miles
all the way[a] get your [e7] kicks, on[d] route 66[a]

ch: well it winds from missouri [d] down thru St. Louie [a] oklahoma
city looks oh so pretty oh [d] see Amarillo, [a] Nogales new mexico
[e7]Flagstaff arizona, don't forget Winona, Needled ,Barstow San Bernidino
well [a] Do, get[d] hip to this kindly tip,[a]
if you [d] take that california [a] trip
get your [d] kicks[e7] on [d] route 66 [a]

i hope you can decipher this. i did it on-line in a hurry
good luck and you can find the sheet music in a lot of places. It's got
r&r versions, jazz versions, etc. A real classic.

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