asleep at the wheel - "ida red"


Ida Red (Asleep at the Wheel)

Lights in the parlor, farâ in the grate

Clock on the mantle says itâs a gettinâ late

Curtain in the window, snowy white

Parlorâs pleasant on a Sunday night

Ida Red, Ida Red, Iâm plum fool about Ida Red

Ida Red, Ida Red, Iâm plum fool about Ida Red

(Ah now...that olâ piano·yea·)

Lamps on the table, pictures on the wall

Iâm pretty sober and that ainât all

If Iâm not mistaken I shoreâ am right

Aâ somebody else in the parlor tonight


(Ahh ·yea)

Chicken in the breadpan peckinâ out dough

Granny will your dog bite? No chilâ no

Hurry up boys now and donât be slow

You ainât a goinâ anâ you was awhile ago


Now my olâ mistress promised me

That when she died sheâd set me free

She lived so long that her head got bald

Takenâ the notion not to die at all


(Ah them little mandolins·

The biggest little instruments in the world·yea·)

Lights burninâ dim, farâs a gettinâ low

Somebody says itâs time to go

I hear a whisper gentle and light

Donât forget to come back Saturday night