jones george - "you must have walked across"


You Must Have Walked Across my Mind Again
Recorded by: George Jones
Transposed off of the Walls Can Fall CD

(C) I woke-up down town in (F) jail again this (C) morinin'.
They say I went half crazy with the (G7) booze. Then they
(C) hit me one more time for no (F) reason. But they (C)
can't hurt me, not (G7) half as much as (C) you.

CHORUS: (C) You must have walked (F) across my mind (C) again.
I don't recall what I've done or where I've (G7) been.
I was (C) holding my own, then (F) everything went (C) wrong.
You must have walked (G7) across my mind (C) again.


(C) That old jukebox won't (F) be playing my favorite (C) song
no more. The bottle that I through knocked out it's (G7) lights.
They (C) say I damaged everything (F) I put my hands (C) upon.
And one man might not (G7) make it through the (C) night.

Repeat Chorus: