George Jones & Melba Montgomery - "We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds"


Written by Melba Montgomery
Recorded by George Jones and Melba Montgomery

(A)We said our goodbyes(A7) long (D)ago,
Never (A)thinking weâd miss each other (E7)so,
All the (A)memories we canât (A7)leave (D)behind,
Oh, we (A)must have been (E7)out of our (A)minds.

I (E7)thought I loved another, not (A)you,
How (B7)foolish, I thought the same, (E7)too,
They (A)both turned out to (A7)be the wrong (D)kind,
Oh, we (A)must have been (E7)out of our (A)minds.

Letâs forgive and forget the past weâve known,
And reap together the wild seeds weâve sown,
Surely they can forgive us and find,
That we must have been out of our minds.

The verses are sung by both George and Melba. On the
chorus, Melba takes the first line, George the second, then they do the last
two together. This is one of my favorite George Jones songs. Iâd like to find