George Jones - "I've Been Out A Walkin'"

(C) Sorry I'm so late, but (F) I've been out a walk-in.
(C) Trying to find a way to tell you what I (G7) think
you already know. (C) I'd never want to hurt you, cause
(F) darling I still love you. (C) But things aren't like
they used to be. It's (G7) time for let-in (C) go.

(C) I wasn't out there look-in, but a (F) month ago last
Sunday. (C) I meet someone just like you in (G7) line
at the grocery store. We've been (C) spending time
together, (F) Yah she knows all about you. (C) The truth
is she can give me what (G7) you can't any-(C)more.

CHORUS: (F) I know I promised you forever. I (C) never
thought I'd see this day. (F) If only I could write the
pages, (C) our story wouldn't end this (G7) way.

(C) I feel so much better knowing (F) we could have this
moment. (C) But it looks like it may rain soon, and it's
(G7) getting kind of late. Hon, I'll (C) always bring you
roses (F) every time I come to visit. The (C) care takers
waiting he (G7) wants to close the (C) gate. > to Chorus:

Last: (G7) It wouldn't end this (C) way.