John Anderson - "Wild & Blue"

Wild & Blue

Writer: John Scott Sherrill

[A]Way across town, a phone rings off the wall
If you [E]know he ain't home, why [A]do you keep callin'
You're gonna drive yourself crazy and you know that it's true
It's [E]making you wild and [A]blue.

[A]Wild and [D]blue, it's no [A]wonder
[D]Look at the things that you [A] do [E]
[A]They could take you up to yonder, honey
You're [E]already wild and [A]blue.

[A]In somebody's room on the far side of town
With your [E]mind all made up and the [A]shades all pulled down
Someone is trying to satisfy you
He [E]don't know you're wild and you're [A]blue.

It's four in the mornin' and you're all alone
With [E]no place to go why [A]don't you come home
I'll be right here, baby, waitin' for you
I [E]know you've been wild and [A]blue.


| Submitted by: Gene Graham |
| [email protected] El Paso, Texas |