jennings waylon - "breakin down"


You may want to listen to the song first to get the chord changes just right.

Key of D:

(D) I've been a fool, (C) fool (G), such a fool (D)
(D) I've been a fool, (C) fool (G), such a fool (D)

(G) Thinking you'll return my (F) love (C) to me (G)
(G) Thinking life would be what I (F) want (C) it to be
(G) I lay awake at night and I (F) roam (C) around (G)
(G) I've been a fool (A) (A7) I'm breakin' down (D)

(D) I've been lost, (C)baby (G) so lost (D)
(D) I've been down, (C)baby (G) so low (D)

(G) Being so lonely so (F) hard (C) on a man (G)
(G) Baby, I know you just (F) must (C) understand (G)
(G) I've been trying hard (F)as (C) any man can (G)
(G) To be your man (A) (A7) I'm breakin' down (D)

Instrumental Break: D C G D (2x) G F C G (3x) A A7 D

(D) I love you, (C) baby (G) I do (D)
(D) Take my heart and my soul, (C) they (G) all belong to you (D)

(G) Stay with me, (F) please (C) baby please (G)
(G) My hearts in your hands and my (F) minds (C) between your knees (G)
(G) You know what to do, that could (F) put (C) it all at ease (G)
(G) Just look at me (A) (A7), I'm breakin' down (D)

Instrumental: End