Deborah Allen - "Baby I Lied"

Baby I Lied

Writers: Deborah Allen, Rory Michael Bourke, & Rafe VanHoy

Did I [C]say I wouldn't be hurt if our [C7]love just didn't [F]work

Did I [Dm]say that I'd be okay if you said good [G] bye

And did [C]I promise you I could [C7]take it if we were [F]through

And [Dm7]forget about these feelings [G]inside


Baby I [C]lied When I told you I could walk away

Baby I [Am]lied And forget about the love we made

I [Dm]swear on my heart I was [Fm]telling the truth at the [G]time

Baby I [C]lied, Baby I lied

And did I ever tell myself I could always find someone else?
Did I say if you left today itd be no surprise?
Did I ever leave any doubt I could hold up if you walked out?
I know I told you that I could survive.



And now that [Em] I can see you walking [F] out of my life

[F]Saying good-bye, I [G] real [A] ize, baby, baby, baby