hill faith - "stronger than that"


By: Faith Hill
Written by: Gary Burr

In the intro, i think there are 2 guitars, one is playing A6 then A
and the other is doing this (hope everyone reads tab)


if you listen to the cd you'll see what i mean. also that happens after
the first chorus, minus the first three notes. bear with me...i'm still
learning. comments or corrections are more than welcome... email me at
[email protected] -- ok here's the song

Verse 1
There's a [A]friend who will [E]call when her [D]husband's asleep
[G]crossin the [D]phone lines for [A]comfort
And she [A]cries that she [A7]needs him and [D]someday he'll change
But [G]now's not a [D]good time to [E]go
And it [A6]isn't my [A]place to say [D]leave him and run
That [A6]no love is [A]worth all the [D]damage he's [E]done
But if [A]she'll hold her [E]ground then [D]i'll hold my [A]tongue
[G]Ever the [D]diplo[E]mat Oh, [D] i'd like to think
That [E]I would be [D]stronger than [A]that.
[E]Where's her [A]head? [E] Where's her [A]nerve?
Does [E]part of her [A6]think this is [D]all she [A]deserves?
Oh [D]I would be [E]stronger,
I [A]would not stay one [D]minute longer
[D]I would be [E]stronger than [A]that.

Verse 2 (same chord progression as verse 1)
It started out good, they usually do
Then one day it's taken for granted
Til words become weapons and love turns to pain
Oh why is she still holdin on?
She says livin without him is too hard to face
And I try to imagine myself in her place
But with well chosen words and well placed tears
She forgives him in 2 seconds flat
Oh I'd like to think
That I would be stronger than that.
Repeat Chorus

I [D]know what she's [E7]thinking and I [A6]know what she'd say
That [D]my life and [E7]her life are like [A6]night and like day
And her [D]love is the [E]love that will [A]save them
Brave [G]words but [D] I don't be[E]lieve them
Oh [D]I would be [E]stronger
I [A]would not wait one [D]minute longer
[D]I would be [E]stronger than [A6]that
end with A6 then go to A

The only chords you might not know are:
A6 -- xo2222
E7 -- 020100
A7 -- x02020