Gary Allan - "The One"

The One

Writers: Billy Lee & Karen Manno

Capo 1st fret

(G)No(G/F#m)rush(Em)I need your(Bm)touch,
(C)I won't(G)rush your(D)heart
(G)Until you(G/F#m)feel(Em)on solid(Bm)ground,
(C)Until your(G)strength is(D) found, girl


(G)I'll fill those canyons(Am7)in your(C)soul,
Like a(D)river lead you(G)home
And I'll walk a step(C)behind,
In the(D)shadows so you(Em)shine
Just ask it(Am7)will be(C)done,
And I will prove my(Am)love
(D)Until you're sure that I'm(G) the one

(G)Somebody(G/F#m)else,(Em)was here be(Bm)fore
(C)He treated(G)you un(D)kind
(G)A broken(G/F#m)wing,(Em)needs time to(Bm)heal
(C)Before a(G)heart can(D)fly, girl

Repeat Chorus


(Am)Trust in me(D)and you'll find a(Bm)heart so(C)true
(Am)All I want to do is(F)give the best of me to(D)you
(E)And stand beside yo(A)u

Break: A,D,E,A,D,E

(F#m)Just ask it will be(D)done,
And I will prove my(Bm)love
(E)Until you're sure that I'm(A)the one