haney bj - "one back at you"


This guy is sweeping through the college campuses pulling huge crowds if you
haven't seen him I recommend that you do. This song is what I observed from
a concert, but the chords seem to be right. Everyone knows all the words to
this song at his concerts. This song is pretty slow but represents a very
interesting point when he sings it.

One back at you
Ben Haney

Gad 9
What's up with the people these days,
Cad 9
Complaining bout the things they see

They don't like the local college kids

And they don't like the things they do

We're just trying to get an education

To someday work for you

You think we came up with it by ourselves

When it really dates back to you
Drinking, partying , and going out,
You say you don't know how it came about
All we had to do is follow your shoes
Cad9 Gad9
So here comes one right back at you.

Verse 2
You see a few people gathered around,
Minding their own business,
You couldn't let them be,
So you called cops, saying theres something suspicious
So when they come we all run,
It makes cops feel good to spoil our fun,
Handing out tickets to everyone,
I'm sure this never happened when you were young.
Coming all together and hanging out ,
You say you don't know how it came about,
Brings a big smile to your face,
Maybe this song will put you in your place.

I hope you appreciate what I've said,

Maybe you'll think about them when you go to bed,

The next time you hear some kids outside,

Maybe you'll decide to let it slide

Their just trying to do the same things you did

When time were stressful and frustrated

Have a few beers to let things go,

Its sad I have to sing to let you know
Drinking, partying and going out

You say you don't know how it came about

All we had to do is follow your shoes

Here comes one right back at you.