haney ben - "i miss"


I Miss
Ben J Haney
Intro G, D, Em, C

G ad 9 D sus
I miss, Coming home to you,

Em sus C ad 9
See your face light up, why did I have to screw it up

And I miss, those kisses in the night,
Catch me by surprise, then I look in your eyes

I miss, your sweet laughter in the rain,
Fall down upon me, cause IÕve never felt this pain,

I miss, the smile upon my face,
HavenÕt seen it since you left, need to put it back in its place,

I miss, the soft touch of your hand,
The way you take mine in yours, leading me to heavens doors,

I miss, I miss,miss,miss you
I donÕt care what it takes,
There ainÕt nothing I wonÕt do (Repeat)

Verse 2
I want, you back home with me,
DonÕt care what went wrong, I love you why couldnÕt I see,

I want, you wrapped in my arms,
I swear IÕll never leave your side, wish I could have seen, but love is blind

I want , to be with you forever,
I know I made I lot mistakes, I donÕt care what it takes (repeat at end)


I want, I want I want want you,
I donÕt care what it takes
There ainÕt nothing I wonÕt do (repeat)