haggard merle - "reason to quit"


this is my first time donating a song...i think everyone who uses this site
should do at least one....thanks greg and keep up the good work
title reason to quit
written and recorded by merle haggard
good to me...i play it with alternate bass chords kind of a bass strum strum
bass pattern
chords i use CFAD and G i throw in a G7,D7 and Am sometimes
Reasons to quit
the F smoke and beer dont do
me like before C
and im hardley A ever sober
and my ole freinds dont come round D7 much
any G more
C reasons to quit
the F low is always lower than the C high
and the reasons for quitin G
G7 dont outnumber all the reasons C why
so we keep F smokin and we keep drinkin
havin C fun and never thinkin G
laughin at the price tags the we C pay
and we keep F roarin down the fast lane
like two C young
men feelin no pain
and the reasons for Am quitin
are gettin D7 bigger G each day
2. reasons to quit
i cant afford the habit
all the time
and i need be sober
i gotta write some
new songs
that will rhyme
reasons to quit
there aint no rhyme or
reason when your high
and the reasons for quitin
dont outnumber all the
reasons why