haggard merle - "farmers daughter"


This was one of my favorites growing up. I don't have the tape/CD
but, I believe Merle wrote it. Email changes to [email protected]

Farmer's Daughter
Intro: DGDAD

[D]Tonight there'll be [G]candlelight and [D]roses

In this little country chapel that's almost falling [A7]down

There'll be [D]tears in this old [G}farmer's eyes this [D]evening

When I [E]give my one possession to that [A]city boy from town

His [D]hair is a little [G]longer than we're [D]use to

But, I guess I should find something good to [G]say

About this man whose won the farmer's [D]daughter

And will [A7]soon become my son-in-law [D]today

[G]Mama left eight years ago [D]December

And it was [A7]hard to be a Dad and Mama [D]too

But, some[G]how we made home of this old [D]farmhouse

And [E]love was all my baby ever [A]knew

*[D]He could be the [G]richest man in seven [D]counties

And not be good enough to take her [G]hand

But, he says he really loves the farmer's [D]daughter

And I [A7]know the farmer's daughter loves the [D]man

Ending same as intro.