griffith nanci - "do re mi"


Performer: Nanci Griffith
Words and Music: Woody Guthrie

Do Re Mi

[G] Well thousands of folks back east, they say,
[C] Are leavinâ home most every day,
[D7] Beatinâ the hot old dusty way to the [G] California line.
ÎCross the desert sands they roll,
[C] Getting out of that old dust bowl.
They [D7] think theyâre going to a sugar bowl,
But [G] here is what they find.
Now the [D7] police at the port of entry say,
ãHey youâre number fourteen thousand for today.ä

Oh if you [G] ainât got that do re mi boy,
Well if you ainât got the do re [D7] mi,
Why you better go back to beautiful Texas,
Oklahoma, Georgia, Kansas, Tennes[G]see.
California is a Garden of Eden,
Itâs a paradise to live in or [C] see.
But be[G]lieve it or [D7] not, [G] you wonât [C] find it so [G] hot,
If you ainât got the [C] do [D7] re [G] mi.

If you want to buy you a home or farm,
That canât do nobody harm,
Or take your vacation by the mountains or the sea.
Donât swap your old cow for a car,
Youâd better stay right where you are,
Youâd better take this little tip from me.
ÎCause I look through the want ads every day,
And the headlines in the papers always say . . .


Yeah be[G]lieve it or [D7] not, [G] you wonât [C] find it so [G] hot,
If you ainât got the [C] do [D7] re [G] mi.

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