gosdin vern - "just about does it"


This is one of my favorite Vern Gosdin songs, got it
That just about does it, don't it.
verse 1 D A
A7 Every night you go to bed crying, there's
nothing left to do D
Dm when love is dying, so before the
whole world knows G A
D how we're hurtin, don't you
think it's time we pull the curtains verse 2 D
A So many times
I talked you out of leavin, and so many times
A7 D
you've tried to fight the feeling, I guess we've tried and failed
once too often, now the suitcase down the hallway does the
Chorus D A
That just about does it, don't it, that'll just about
kill it D Dm
G won't it. Maybe we should call a
truce, we could but what's Em A
D the use. That just about does
it, don't it. verse 3 D
A It's sad to think
that words could come between us, and
A7 D Dm what I said
god knows I didn't mean it. It;s time we realize
this time it's over, it's tearing us apart to stay together.
repeat chorus

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