gayle crystal - "talking in your sleep"


This song is in the key of Ab (as sung by Crystal Gayle) but it will be easiest to sing
in C or in G instead. Remember you can easily transpose this score at
Have fun

Roger Cook & Bobby Woods

[Ab]Three o'clock in the morning
And it's [Db]looks like it's gonna [Eb]be
Another sleepless night [Fm7]
I've been [Bbm]listenin' to your dreams
And [C]gettin' very [Fm]low
[Ab]Wonderin' what I [Bbm9]can do [Eb] [Bbm]

[Ab]Maybe i'm bein' [Fm]foolish
'cause I [Bbm7]haven't heard you mention
[Bbm7]Anybody's [Cm]name at all [Fm7]
How I [Bbm7]wish I could be sure
It's [C7]me that turns you [Fm]on
[Fm7]Each time you [Bb7]close your eyes
I've [Bbm7]heard it [Ab]said
That drea[Db]mers never [Ab]lie

You've been talking in your [Bbm7]sleep
Sleepin' in your [Cm7]dreams
With some [Db]sweet [Ab]lover [Eb] [Ab]
Holdin' on so [Bbm7]tight
[Bbm7]Lovin her the way [Cm7]
You [F]used to love me [Bbm7]
Talking in your [Eb]sleep
With [Db]loving on [Ab]your mind [Db]

[Ab7sus]You've been talking in your [Ab]sleep