gaines chris - "unsigned letter"


Unsigned Letter (Gordon Kennedy/Wayne Kirkpatrick/Tommy Simms)
the cd -gbsevenc>

possibly a capo on 1 or 2
{Em C G D}
She got {Em} an unsigned letter from her {C} secret someone
And {G} she fell into the {D} mystery
{Em} Words were few and {C} specifically vague
{G} Intrinsic {D} intrigue
But it said {Em} everything
{G} When it just read come {C} to me

She's {Em} always been that responsible {C} someone
{G} Safe within her {D} simplicity
But all this {Em} cloak and dagger is {C} stoking her heart
{G} Stroking her {D} curiosity
Is plain little {Em} Jane
{G} Gonna risk {C} everything

{G} Is she gonna strike the {Em} match
That'll surely light the {C} flame
Is she carrying a {G} torch for love in {Em} vain
{G} Is she gonna break the {Em} locks
Take a look inside the {C} box
Knowing that she could {G} release Pandora's {Em} shame
Welcome to the {C} game
What's in a {Em} name

She {Em} must be dreamin as she boards a {C} plane
{G} And flies into her {D} fantasy
A first class {Em} ticket to the {C} city of Boston
{G} Is all she knows of her {D} destiny
When she touches {Em} down
{G} Will her feet hit the {C} ground