gaines chris - "driftin away"


Driftin Away (Tommy Simms)
note: done acoustically on a radio station... this is a perfect match.

{G} With all of my {D} heart, {G} I know I could love {C} you
{G} But with all of my {D} soul, {C} I'm drifting {G} away
{G} With all of my {D} mind, {C} I know you can {Em} save me from {D} myself
Any {Em} thing {D} else

{G} With all of {D} strength, {G} I wanna reach out for {C} you
{G} With every {D} breath, {C} call out your {G} name
{G} With every {D} step, {C} I just want to turn {Em} around and {D} say
Baby {Em} make it {D} okay

But I am so {Em} afraid
You've {C} forgiven me {Em} one too many {G} times
And I'm so {Em} afraid to give my {C} heart again
To {Em} have a change of {G} mind
And I'm not quite {Em} sure that you can {D} trust me
And I {Em} would hate to have you {G} find me {C} again
Baby like the {D} wind
Driftin {G} away

I'm driftin {C} away

{G} With all of my {D} heart, {G} I know I disappointed {C} you
Although I'm real {G} sorry I don't {C} know how to say this {Em}time
But if I would {G} loose you I {C} know I know I'd go completely out of {Em}
my mind
I'm running out of {C} time

Repeat chorus

Driftin {G} away
See my heart at {C} night
Falling {G} down
Falling for {Em}you
Falling for {G} you