fox george - "mustang heart"


Mustang Heart George Fox

Intro [Am][F][C][G]

[C] No one ever [F] told you, [C] I love to hear you sing
but no one dressed you up in silk and [F] flashy diamond [G] rings
ah, but [C] someone feelin' [F] sorry, is [C] one thing you despise,
you don't need no [G] man to [C] sympathize

Mustang [Am] heart [F], wild and [C] free
yeh, [Am] workin' on another [F] six pack, kick back!
[C] tear another hole in your [G] jeans
your [Am] breakin' down the [F] fences
[C] around you constant-[F]-ly
[Am] [G] mustang [F] heart, [Am] [G] mustang [F] heart
I see the [C] me in you and [G] you see you in [C] me

Instrumental break [Am][F][C][G][C]

[C] When I left you with your [F] mama, [C] I left tears behind
still I'd know your smile anywhere, I [F] framed it in my [G] mind
I [C] wish I could do it [F] over, [C] I know where I'd begin
just you and me, [G] runnin' with the [C] wind


Instrumental break [Am][F][C][G][C]

Mustang [Am] Heart, Mustang [F] Heart

I see the [C] me in you and you see [G] you in [C] me (3X)