Alabama - "It Works"

Writers: Mickey Cates and Mark Alan Spencer

INTRO: |D D(9) D|G A |D D(9) D|G A |

D Gmaj7
He rattles his glass, she jumps up fast and pours him a glass of tea
Asus4 A |D |G
Deep in her heart she believes that's the way it should be
A(4) |D Gmaj7
yeah, and I've seen my dad get fightin' mad over one little four-letter word
Asus4 A D
he'll tell you fast you don't talk like that around her

G A D A/C# Bm D/A
We may not see it the way they see it we may not do it the way they do it
Gmaj7 A D A/C# Bm
but she lives here life for him he'd gladly die for her
D/A G |A E A7 |
and even in this modern age it works

Though he's been down in his back he still jumps out of that sack
ev'ry mornin' at 5a.m. Having her home with the kids has been worth it to him
yeah and she takes pride in bein' his wife and making their house a home
and sometimes she wishes the world would just leave them alone



|D | A/C#| Bm G A D
If the good Lord's willin', there will come a day
Bm G Asus4 |A D |
When our children will say


D A/C# Bm D/A G A E A7 D |G A |Bm |G Asus4 A|D
Even in this modern age it works

D xx0232
D(9)xx4230 or xx0230
G 320003 or 320033
A x02220
Asus 4 x02230
A(4) x00220
A7 x02020
A/C# x42220
Bm x24432
E 022100

I usually strum or pick the intro alternating between a D x00232 and a D(9)
x00230 and doing a G/B x20033 instead of regular G. Also for the transition
with the chords A E A7 right together, I sometimes pick/slide up the D and B
strings at the 2nd fret, then to 4th (for Dstr) and 3rd (for Bstr) frets to
the 5th fret and that sounds alright.