dylan matt - "Lets Get It On"


Let's Get It On
Matt Dylan

Girl we've flirted and we've talked
But all I do is walk you to the door
Those low cut shirts and those mini skirts
Are telling me your looking for something more

If your teasin me you just need to let me know
But if you wanna get physical, girl I'm waiting on go

Let's Get it on, let it be tonight
Let's pull out the stops and make it feel so right
If you need a man who can love you all night long
Let's Get it on.

I'm just a man, flesh and blood
And you got my thermometer on the rise
So here I am melting down,
Staring into your bedroom eyes.

All I'm looking for is a sign,
then I'll lay you down
and I'll make you mine.


We can get kinky and stinky and wet with sweat
It's gonna be a night that you won't forget.