diamond rio - "imagine that"


Sean Lucas
[email protected]

Imagine That
by Diamond Rio
From Diamond Rio Greatest Hits

What is the world coming to when lovers can't believe
they got a love coming true and then they up and leave?
They say they will when they won't, they say I do then they don't.
That ain't the way its gotta be with you and me

Imagine that, a love that lasts forever. Ê
Imagine that, for all the world to see that two people stay together
the way it ought to be.
Oh, oh, oh, imagine that.

I don't intend to change the world. ÊI couldn't if I tried.
As long as I got you with me girl I'll be satisfied.
Let's do what we can, mean what we say.
We'll just take it day by day.
Cause I wanna prove to everyone that it can be done.


Do you believe in love enough to go the distance.
Do you believe in love enough to make a stand.
Do you believe enough to handle the resistance.
I believe we can.