diamond rio - "dont forget pray for me"


Sean Lucas
[email protected]

Mama, Don't Forget to Pray for Me
by Diamond Rio

Well, hello. ÊIt's good to hear your voice.
I hate to call so late, but I didn't have a choice.
I'm calling you from Dallas headed for LA
I wish I had more time to talk. ÊThere's so much to say.

No, I ain't forgot how I was raised, but I'm livin' way too fast.
It's a roller coaster ride up and down.
My new job is going great. ÊI'm headed for the top.
I should be happy, but somehow, I'm not.
Sometimes I think the Devil has got me by the sleeve.
Oh, oh, mama, don't forget to pray for me.

Tell me how is the weather? Ê
Have you put the garden out?
Are the dogwoods bloomin' out behind the house?
No, I'm not sick. ÊThere's nothing wrong.
No, don't wake up Dad. Ê
I just thought of you and home, and got a little sad.


Oh, oh, mama, don't forget to pray for me.