cowboy copas - "afraid"


Written by Fred Rose
As sung by Cowboy Copas

A[D7]fraid to [G]tell you [G7]how [C]much I [G]care.
Afraid I'll [D7]need you and you won't be [G]there.
I'd [D7]love to [G]take you [G7]in[C]to my [G]heart.
But something [D7]tells me we would only [G]part. [G7]
I loved and [C]lost just one love a[G]go.
I paid the [A7]cost and it hurt me [D7]so.
A heart gets [G]careless [G7]when [C]vows are [G]made.
I want to [D7]love you but I'm so [G]afraid