cowboy - "cowpoke"


I first heard this song on radio WPLO in Georgia back in the late 1960's.
Lee Pearce [email protected]


I’m lonesome but happy
Rich but I’m broke
And the good Lord knows the reason
I’m just a cowpoke
From Cheyenne to Douglas
All Rangers I know
I drift with the wind
No one cares where I go


I ain’t got a bit in these ol worn out jeans
So its quittin the stakes
And going back to beans
I’ll pick up a ten spot in Prescot I know
Just ridin a bronc
In a big rodeo
Some mornin in Spring time
A fillie I’ll find
And I might spend all summer
With her on my mind


But I’ll never be branded
I’ll never be broke
I’m a care free range ridin
Driftin cowpoke
Next summer its north
If there ain’t a big drought
As soon as it frost
I’ll be headin back south
But I’ll never have worries
I’ll never have time
I’m to busy a livin
This free life of mine