conlee john - "common man"


Common Man
John Conlee

As the Maid poured wine and we [C] began to dine
I [D] knew I was feeling out of [G] place
At a table as large as a [C] river barge
And [D] I love you written all on your [G] face

I [C] appreciate you hospitality
But I [G] wish that we would [D] go
Let me [G] drive us to McDonalds and I'll [C] talk to you
Concerning [D] something you should really [G] know

I'm just a common man
Drive a [C] common van
My [G] dog ain't got a pedi[D]gree
If I [G] have my say
Gonna [C] stay that way
Cause [G] high-browed people lose [Em] their sanity
And a [G] common man is what I'll be

I'll take a Chevrolet just [C] anyday
So give your [D] Daddy back his Mercedes [G] Benz
And there's some common people I [C] hang out with
They're my [D] good time buddies - they're my [G] friends

And I'd [C] rather chug-a-lug a mug of Budweiser Beer
Than sip a [G] crystal glass of [D] wine
So won't you [G] make your mind up to [C] believe in me
And leave this [D] high living world be[G]hind


Yes I'm [C] happy just being [Am] free
And I'm [C] happy just being [Am] me
And I [C] hope that you will [D] see


From Joe Harvie - [email protected]