Trace Adkins - "See Jane Run"

See Jane Run

[F] Dick and Jane don't talk anymore, Jane lays awake
Wishin' it could be like it was before
[Bb] Finally one night, [C] she got [Bb] tough
[F] Dick came home, and she was [C] packin' her stuff


[Bb] See Jane run, [F] see Dick cry
[C] He's standin' in the street with his hands in the air
Goin' [F] why Jane, why
She [Bb] don't look back, [F] she's seen enough
[C] Close the book, the story's done, [F] see Jane run

[F] Dick's tore up, deep down inside
Jane feels good, there ain't a tear in her pretty blue eyes
[Bb] Red taillights, [C] fade out [Bb] of sight
[F] Spot's in the back, he's just [C] along for the ride


[F] [Bb] [F] [C]


Yeah, [C] close the book, the story's done
[F] See Jane run, oh see Jane run, see Jane run
[F] [Bb] [F] [C] [F]