Marlee Scott - Train Wreck (Feat. Vince Gill)

Canadian vocalist Marlee Scott released one of the most melodic singles of 2011 in "Beautiful Maybe" and while not a big hit, it did introduce her to radio and fans like you. Take a listen to her new single "Train Wreck" here!

Perserverence Pays Off For Sarah Buxton: The Roughstock Interview

In this interview with Roughstock, Sarah discusses her long and winding road to the release of her self-titled debut album and how she and her label kept at it and are now being rewarded with a well-reguarded (and hit) single in "Outside My Window."

Sarah Buxton - Sarah Buxton

Sarah Buxton signed with Lyric Street Records four years ago and released three singles before "Outside My Window" finally became her breakthrough single.  Does the album hold up to the promise of her undeniable talent?

Sarah Buxton - "Outside My Window"

What happens when you release three singles that all manage to hit the Top 40? In the case of Sarah Buxton, you release a Digital EP and continue to work, with label support, at finding the right song to breakthrough with.  Is "Outside My Window" that song?

Sarah Buxton - Space

Sarah Buxton and her record label Lyric Street Records have tried, in the past couple of years, to break her at radio. With her fresh lyrics and unique voice, it seemingly was only a matter of finding the right song.  "Space" feels like it could be that song.