Ray Scott's Independent Path Proving To Be A Success

"Livin' This Way" singer/songwriter delivers latest album - his sixth release and fifth full-length album - "Guitar For Sale" while mostly going under the mainstream radar. Also, see the story behind the song "Pray For The Fish" which is featured on the project.

Listen To: Ray Scott - Those Jeans

Ray Scott has made some waves at Country radio and on the Digital Singles chart with "Them Jeans," a downright fun song about forward bar pick-up lines. Scott's charming personality shines through on this Neo-Traditional Country tune. Take a listen to "Them Jeans" here!

Album Review: Ray Scott - Rayality

With "Those Jeans" gaining attention, Ray Scott's odyssey back to mainstream Country Music seems to be fully in the upswing. On Rayality Ray follows the Jamey Johnson DYI template to great success. Read on here to see what we think of the new record!