Lucy Angel - "Crazy Too"

Take an exclusive listen to the single that just premiered on SiriusXM "The Highway"'s "Highway Find" program!

Lucy Angel - Serious

Lucy Angel's latest single has hit the Top 40 on Music Row's Country Breakout chart with "Serious," the follow-up to "Only Woman Left." Both songs appear on their Debut EP.

New Artist Spotlight: Lucy Angel Are A Triple Threat

Lucy Angel, a new trio signed to a new label in Nashville have tight harmonies, drop dead looks and a ton of stage presence.  In this profile, get to know the mother and daughters trio a little bit more through their personalities and their new self-titled EP.

Lucy Angel - Only Woman Left

Lucy Angel is a trio composed of a mother (Kate Anderton) and her daughters Lindsay and Emily.  Take a listen to their new single from their self-titled EP.