New Country Songs - February 2014

Each month we comb the internet and our contacts to bring you the freshest New Country Songs. Here is a list of the tracks we found for the month of February.

Audio Track: Levi Lowrey - Urge For Leaving

One of the talented artists signed to Zac Brown's Southern Ground Artists, Levi Lowery is set to release his sophomore album through the label, the self-titled album, next Tuesday. Take a listen to the great new song "Urge For Leaving" from the co-writer of Zac Brown Band's "Colder Weather" here! 

Album Review: Levi Lowrey - I Confess I Was A Fool

Signed to Zac Brown's Southern Ground Artists label, Levi Lowrey is a new artist with considerable talent. Over the course of 12 tracks on this debut album, Levi Lowrey proves why comparisons to legendary writers isn't off base.